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          KIDitarod began at FIGMENT Chicago 2013 and returns to Jefferson Memorial Park August 16, 2014  |  photo © Tes Rivera  

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Bubble Booth by Aimee Rusch

The Bubble Booth is the ultimate photo booth experience where the participants become encased inside a giant bubble. Simultaneously a photo will be captured of the person and later they will be able to view themselves from the outside of the balloon as well. Looking to reignite everyone's childhood fascination with bubbles, big bubbles, huge bubbles!

Bubble me Bubble you by Alejandro Barajas Bubble_me_Bubble_you_-_Secondary_Image_BORDER.jpg

Last yr I was at figment just as a spectator but i had brought two bubble wands with me and started to walk around the park blowing bubbles, with that i met so many people and brought joy to a group of children that jumped up, down, and danced around the bubble, so this yr i was thinking that i'd bring 4 buckets or so of bubble juice and bring the stick string wands to make big bubbles. With this project everyone can interact and meet with each other, and if ppl care to know the know i can give them the info on the science of bubbles ^-^

Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map by Carly Evans

Chicago Hot Spot Heat Map is designed to shine a spotlight on wholesome, inspiring, innovative & accessible outlets in Chicago that further advance our paradigm. Dedicated to answering questions like: Where do I go to have a legit good time? Or to get good for my body on an affordable dime? Motivated by the intention of recognizing the personal powers & supportive environment which already exist within and around us. Data collected will be posted to

Clio the Faerie by Samantha Lee

Clio is a wandering performer bringing wishes, laughter, and dancing games to those who wish to play with her.

Clown_Car_to_Sicily_-_Primary_Image_BORDER.jpgClown Car to Sicily by Willie Opper

We are a musical improv and sketch comedy group based in Chicago, IL. Inspired by Commedia dell'Arte, we use various forms and sketch, but all things musical! With high energy, choreography, and beautiful harmonies, Clown Car to Sicily will have you singing along as you watch, and humming as you leave! Our project will interact with audience members, adults and children alike, to teach them basic improv games and skills, and perform with audience members on stage!

Consent Camp

Theme Camp

Discreet safer sex supplies, discussions/education about what constitutes consent, counseling about breaches of consent.

Dragon's Rock Star Room by Mars Caulton

Opera the Dragon returns to FIGMENT in 2014 to play Rock Star with you. Come by her Dressing Room to help doll 'er up, and glam yourself, too. Sing karaoke or drum along with friends at her house party next door. And remember that she LOVES a summer parade!

Electric Country Blues by George Larson

I play improvised guitar. I also have set songs with lyrics. I perform these by alternating between them in one set. Here is a link to a performance of me alternating the improvised guitar, and set songs at the Hungry Brain in Roscoe Village (see YouTube video). The music that I perform in the Hungry Brain video I consider to be Blues. Some people may not recognize this as such because they are used to a generic type of Blues music. In the past Blues performers had their own styles, sound, and songs.

The Greatest Story Never Told by Andrew Ritter

The Greatest Story Never Told is a space where children, families and strangers collaborate and perform spontaneous stories together. Our professional improvisers take suggestions and audience volunteer actors throughout the entire creation and ultimately we will generate and share in a piece of community created improvised theater. Every child and adult in the audience will have the opportunity to perform or contribute ideas to the story.

FIGMENT-Chicago-Aug10-11.2013-Dragon-Ninjas_(med-rez)-by-Tes-Rivera.jpg   photo © Tes Rivera

Hudor the Water Dragon by Neil Verplank

Hudor is a 6 foot dragon head that spits water and growls at the push of a button.

The-huggery_jason-glaser_by-simon-rubenstein_BORDER.jpgThe Huggery by Jason Glaser & Mehgun Sajeske  |  photo by Simon Rubenstein

Need a Hug? We've got you covered. The Huggery offers all sorts of hugs. Check out our extensive menu of hugs and don't miss the daily specials. All this for the price of a couple compliments. Really like to hug? Feel free to work the Huggery. We are always hiring!

Imaginate by Matthew Weber

Imaginate is an interactive art experiment that proves imagination is innate. Through a series of improvised games involving drawing, writing, music, and performance, participants are granted access to their own imagination in a comfortable, comedic environment. This allows one to find their voice, their creativity, their innate imagination.

Ink & Blood Writing Duels by Jim Markus

The Ink & Blood Dueling Society presents a masked environment that celebrates the written word. Join us to watch writers craft stories in front of a live audience. You act as their coffee (!?) and critic (!!) during each writing duel—which apparently all writers need to create solid work. The audience will participate in the whole experience. Our host encourages cheering and jeering as stories are written (and projected) in front of an audience. The writers, who remain anonymous, can accept or ignore the audience's shouted suggestions. Stories are read aloud after each duel and the audience votes who comes out on top. Only the winning writer is unmasked in front of the audience.

Kicksey Winsey by Jennifer Matisiak

A wild-crafted, kinetic sculpture designed to move different gears with battery power. The Kicksey Winsey is an anti-Rube Goldberg machine—it does many things and yet does not perform its one true function at all, to provide water to the world.

kiditarod-7_BORDER.jpgKIDitarod II by Rohan Thadani & Hannah Aubry

KIDitarod returns! KIDitarod is Chiditarod for the little people. KIDitarod is a children’s “race” that embodies the spirit of Chiditarod (Chicago's urban iditarod shopping cart race and probably the world's largest mobile food drive), but designed for the sensibilities of youngsters. Similar to Chiditarod, the magic of KIDitarod will come from energy of the teams and checkpoints, and be highly participatory. In the spirit of the Chiditarod's epic food drive, we'll be asking each team to bring 20 pounds of food with them on race day, which we will collect at the starting line. After the event, all food will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. On the Saturday of FIGMENT, we will create a covered space where teams can decorate a flag for their cart. During the race, 2:30-4:30 p.m., we will base each of our checkpoints off one of FIGMENT’s principles.

Our goals for this project are thus:

  • Educate children and participants of FIGMENT’s principles
  • Encourage racer creativity and participation
  • Create a super-adorable race for children and their fun parents.

Madame Zoltah by Devin Bean & Alyssa Barclay

Unsure about your destiny? Looking for answers from the universe? Madame Zoltah will show you the way! Approach and type your questions into the fortune telling machine. Then choose your Wand Of Destiny & cast it into the Pool Of Mystery to retrieve your cosmic response!

The Mad Social Scientist by Felissia Cappelletti

This is a social experiment to encourage participants to talk to each other, particularly to other participants they do not know.

Mobile Recording Studio by Hanna Brock

Using an iPad, microphone, computer, and synthesizers, I will help participants record acoustic and digital sound and create an original song. I will introduce them to some analog instruments such as synthesizers and drum pads, and to some electronic effects such as note repeat and looping. The resulting track will be published on the InfernoStudioCPD Soundcloud page, available for free download. This activity is based on my work at the Chicago Park District's Inferno Mobile Recording Studio. Our mission is to educate and empower the citizens of Chicago to create and publish original compositions.

Morla by Adrian Gurga

Morla is meant to be a place of peace and reflection. It will included an interactive light show provided by glowing flowers and interactive sound art which will allow people to visualize the phenomenon known as standing waves.

Camp_mustache_Pirate_eric-branson_BORDER.jpgMustache Ride by Heather Jerome & Savannah Jerome-Branson  |  photo by Pirate

Fully functional mustache-themed see-saw.

Name Game by Felissia Cappelletti

This is a simple station where a sign will ask participants what they would name themselves if they had been in charge of the decision, and why. It will include a journal to write explanations, construction paper and pens with which to practice the ideal name signature, and name tags to fill out with the ideal name to wear.

The Nature of Tap by Tristan Bruns

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. These are the elements that govern the earth, and it is from these elements that we get life. The human heartbeat, a steady, rhythmic pulse that can slow down, or speed up, but always keeps the beat, like a drum. Your heartbeat is your first contribution to the world of music. Music is natural and every living thing creates music as it moves through this world. Sound and movement. These are the elements of music, of nature, of tap dance.

Nose Poems by Jessica Wright Buha

Nose Poems is a multi-sensory experience designed to tap into Memory's forgotten nooks and crannies. The artist strolls around the space with a tray of 24 unmarked metal tins, each containing a different smell, and will ask passerby if they would like to hear a poem. If they say yes, they're invited to pick a metal tin at random. They will then open the tin and experience the smell as I recite the corresponding poem (written by the artist). The goal of the project is to give passerby an intimate, one-on-one poetry reading, and to inspire them to think critically about the scents of their daily lives.

Pinwheel_Garden_-_Secondary_Image_-_Elysia_Lock_BORDER.jpgPinwheel Garden by Elysia Lock

Pick a flower from the Pinwheel Garden and take it home.

Protesters of Nothing by Brandon Waybright
Visual Art

How much of our public language is negative, angry, hateful? How many signs in the public only serve to tell us what we can’t do? Why do we take to the streets with our beliefs only when we are determined to fight someone? In Protesters of Nothing, the form of the protest sign is converted from a symbol of anger into an amplifier for visual creations and community celebration. Using tape, markers, stickers, found imagery, and their own ingenuity, participants are invited to collaborate and produce their own works of art on blank protest signs. Once a protest sign is completed, the creator of the sign is invited to trade their sign for someone else’s sign in an exchange. With the exchange completed, the non-protester is free to walk around the exhibition space with their protest sign bearing the work of other people. Ultimately, participants leave the Protesters of Nothing space with a work of art made by someone else in the community. Each protester ends up celebrating work made by others.

The Red Curtain by Dan Brown

The Red Curtain is a historical antique, and serves as a performance backdrop and stage for any individuals who wish to gift their talents to a grateful audience.

FIGMENT-Chicago-Aug10_Red-Curtain-Stage_David-Shuey.jpg  FIGMENT-Chicago-Aug10_Repeat-Repeat_David-Shuey.jpg 

The Red Curtain (left) and Repeat Repeat (right) return for interactive fun in 2014  |  photos © David Shuey

Repeat Repeat by Felissia Cappelletti
Visual Art

Repeat Repeat is a collaborative piece that builds slowly, one stroke at a time. Each participant completes a simple action with a marker, for example. Draw one complete circle with your arm fully extended, to create one mark on the piece. Over time, the strokes build upon each other, creating interesting textures and patterns.


Rock Poetry by Michelle Alba  |  photo © APJ Photography

Paint a word on a stone. Add the stone to the pile. Arrange the stones how you please: It's ROCK POETRY! 

Three 11 Principle Novels by Eric Markowitz

Have you ever wanted to write a novel but thought it was a chore? Let's write one together! Choose any (or all) of the notebooks on the table and see what's already written. Add a sentence or a page or a drawing or a cartoon or a… ? See if you recognize the first sentence on page one. Then the last sentence that was written. Now express yourself however you wish! 

What Does the Hoop Say? by Coelti Ticsay

This ongoing all-levels hoop dance exploration emphasizes dance by using words to engage participant's movement instincts. We will expand the vocabulary of hoop dance beyond the typical names for tricks and get creative in our interpretations. Words have been crowd-sourced from Facebook surveys, and some hoops will be provided. Activities will be guided by Coelti, a professional hoop dancer in Chicago. 

The Honey Tree by Ayda Keshtkar  

The Honey Tree (formerly The Whole Bee Hive) is a climbable bee hive structure created to inspire awareness of the bees and what we can do to help create beneficial environments for bees.

 The_Whole_Bee_Hive_-_Primary_Image_Ayda-Keshtkar.jpg   Madame_Zoltah_devin-alyssa.jpg
          Early visual concepts pre-FIGMENT: The Whole Bee Hive (left);  Madame Zoltah (right)

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