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Thank You, Everyone! Photos!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who made this possible, from the 30+ artists, and 60+ volunteers, to the 1500+ participatory visitors. And especially to the Jefferson Park community, the 45th Ward, Ald. John Arena, and Chicago Park District, who welcomed us with open arms.

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FIGMENTChicago2014_Pinwheel-Plane_Lakita-Chan.jpg  FIGMENTChicago2014_Red-Curtain-Doll_Lakita-Chan.jpg

Top: Pinwheel Garden (Elysia Lock) + Red Curtain Stage (Dan Brown & friends) |  photos © Lakita Chan


Top: Alderman John Arena and his wife Jill (ends) and the Koren family (in pink) |  photo © David Shuey

Bottom: Bubble me Bubble you by Alejandro Barajas |  photo © David Shuey


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FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Simon-Rubinstein_matthew-weber.jpg  FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Simon-Rubinstein_001.jpg

Top: Matthew Weber at Red Curtain Stage and Mayuko painting FIGMENT Sign  |  photos © Simon Rubenstein  

Bottom: Rock Poetry and Open Mic and Red Curtain Stage  |  photos © Simon Rubenstein  

FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Simon-Rubinstein_rock-poetry.jpg  FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Simon-Rubinstein_red-curtain-open-mic.jpg

 FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Repeat-Repeat_Julieta-Alvarez-Leal.jpg  FIGMENTChicago2014_Jeff-Park_Hudor-the-Dragon_Julieta-Alvarez-Leal.jpg

Top: Repeat, Repeat & Hudor the Dragon  |  photos © Julieta Álvarez Leal 

Below: Bubble you, Bubble me  |  photo © Simon Rubenstein 


Below: Karolin Mirzakhan at Rock Poetry (project by Michelle Alba)  |  photo © Simon Rubenstein 



Bottom: Drew Jumps off the Honey Tree  |  photo © Dustin Osakada

Below: The Honey Tree. Art project design & creation by Ayda Keshtkar  |  photo © David Shuey 




Top: Rae Grace, our first Greeter of the Day  |  photo © David Shuey  

Bottom: The Huggery (now with Extra Photo Bomb!)  |  photo © David Shuey 


Want a glimpse at FIGMENT in action? At FIGMENT 2013 at Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago Public Media’s WBEZ (91.5 FM) came out for a couple days, and put together this short video. Check it out: